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RoboForge Robot Combat Game is now a community  project, and is therefore free to download and free for online play. We are able to do this due to the good graces of Liquid Edge Ltd, and the many minds who are working to keep Roboforge ticking along.

Here You can download:
- last version of RF client (the game which run on your own PC)
- RF documentation
- a few demo bot.
- Source Code (only for Sw developers)


RF client download

You need to run installation package after download.
Please note that:
- during installation You need to select CPU type (single core CPU aren't available any longer, so probably You are using a multiCore).
- You must run RF only through shortcuts created during installation process

RF client V. 1.34-03



RF documentation include:
- RF user's Guide (Basic)
- RF Variable descripition (advanced players) - Credits to Slow Slosh
- RF parts database (advanced players) - Credits to CyberX

RF Documentation



demo bot

Some good Test bot are already included in RF client installation package.

If You want more, You need to download this file and unzip it into "..\Roboforge\bot" folder

Please note that You can use all Test  bots just to train your own bot offline, but YOU CAN'T enter them into a tournament (ranked or unranked) or into C-Room.

As soon as one of these bot start a battle into RF server, it will be automatically detected and destroyed.

Additional Test bot


source code

This download is for developers only. We recommend to contact Forums before any action.

Source code